My Mission

My work for over three decades had been dedicated to the creation of a true healing health care system, one that values caring and healing of the whole person as much as the curing of diseases, and where all people have access to the full range of healing and curing modalities.

This system will not be created by eliminating our existing “sick cure system,” but by adding to it. Love, care, and healing are not incongruent with science, technology and curing, but we have yet to create a health care system which integrates all of these dimensions.

Beyond this goal, I see my larger purpose as being one which I share with everyone else – to learn to be a better and better instrument for bringing more love, peace and gentleness into our world. I believe that each of us is called to this purpose, and that when we are being loving to each other we are actualizing the very best part of who we are meant to be.

May you be at peace.
May your heart remain open and loving.
May you be healed
and may you be a source of healing for all beings.

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