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Other people can be my greatest source of freedom or the chains which I allow to ensnare me. When their ideas stimulate me to search for my own knowing; to stretch for a new comprehension of an old problem or to venture forward in my own creativity, they are a pathway to freedom. But when I allow other people’s ideas and beliefs to determine what I will allow myself to think, feel, do, be or say, then I am participating in my own imprisonment. To be and continue to become my own true self, I must tell my own truth, at least to myself, even when it isn’t politically correct or acceptable to the other people in my life. Because I want to know who I really am and what I really think and how I really feel, I am a woman telling myself the truth.

I am a woman SAYING YES!

Saying Yes!

YES! YES! YES, the word of affirmation, of opening, of movement and flow; the word which means it is so. YES, giving permission, allowing unfolding, non-ambivalence and sureness – YES! Now, finally, I am saying YES! YES to all of me, all of the parts. YES to the light and loving and free parts. YES to the dark and angry and scared parts. YES to all of my feelings, the ones I like and the ones I don’t like. YES to my tenderness and loving and nurturing. Yes to my wisdom and strength and courage. YES to my fears, longings and confusions. YES to my sexuality, my passion and my responsiveness. YES to my longing to hold another; to join, to merge, to know ecstatic union. YES to my need for solitude, spiritual practice and communion with God in nature. YES to walking as woman in this world; no hiding, no shame, no apologies. I stand tall and centered on the earth, reaching my arms upward and I become YES and I say YES to the unfolding mystery of my life. I am a woman saying YES!

I am a woman SAYING NO!

Saying no.

NO! Such freedom in saying NO! A tiny word, prohibited for so long, forbidden to leave the lips of a good little girl, or a sweet young woman. NO, carefully avoided as a professional on the career ladder who mustn’t be accused of not being a team player. NO withheld in intimate relationships because NO is so selfish and so, well, negative. I do not know if it is age alone which has transformed my relationship to NO, but Continue reading I am a woman SAYING NO!