The Joy of Keynoting!
The Joy of Keynoting! [Photo credit and Thanks to Carol Anderson]

     The last thing you want at your event is a canned speech accompanied by a PowerPoint deck filled with mind-numbing bullet point slides!  Every presentation I offer is custom designed to meet the exact needs of your organization and audience. We will brain-storm together about how best to do that, and then I will create a multi-media program for you that will be beautiful and very alive as well as informative. My presentations access multiple ways of knowing, and often include original imagery created by me, poetry, art, audio /music and sometimes even singing!


     I deliver dynamic keynote speeches, lectures, workshops, seminars and retreats of varying lengths  on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The Way of the Healer: We are the medicine
  • Integrative Nursing/Healthcare
  • Habitats for healing: Where nurses thrive and patients heal
  • Relationship-Centered/Relationship-Based Care
  • Care for the Caregivers
  • Recovering the heart and soul of nursing
  • The art and science of human caring
  • Energy, intention and the sacred art of healing: You are the medicine
  • Mind-body-spirit medicine
  • Touching Body, Tending Soultm: Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Practice
  • Re-visioning the nursing shortage:
    A Call to Caring and Healing the Health Care System
  • The Perennial Philosophy: Universal wisdom for a spiritual life
  • InterSpirituality
  • Spiritual Direction:  Walking with others on the spiritual journey
  • The Way of the Healer: Recovering the Sacred in Nursing and Healthcare
  • Health care giving as spiritual practice
  • Healing vs. curing
  • Wholeness and healing
  • I am a Woman Finding My Voice: a woman’s retreat
  • Come home to the heart: a weekend of interspiritual sharing and practice
  • The power of the present moment – Now is all there is
  • Living our heart’s content: women and heart dis-ease
  • Centering Prayer:  Practice from the contemplative Christian tradition
  • Meditation
  • Holism in the healing arts
  • Spirituality and healing
  • The spiritual journey in health and illness
  • Alternative and complementary medicine and nursing
  • Energy Medicine
  • Foundations for a healing health care system

I look forward to discussing your objectives and designing a program to meet them!

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