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Coaching is oriented toward facilitating the unfolding life process of the individual and maximizing strengths, rather than toward identifying pathology and fixing or curing symptoms. I am especially committed to and passionate about helping nurses to thrive in their profoundly important and sacred healing work.

Coaching is available to individuals in person or by phone or Skype related to:

  • Radical Self-Care for helping professionals
  • Personal and Spiritual growth
  • Spiritual practice and meditation
  • Living between the No Longer and the Not Yet:
    Navigating the Seas of “Don’t Know”
  • Caritas Nursing® ~ Working from and with the field of Infinite Love
  • Healing and wholeness in acute and chronic illness
  • Creating a life that is True for you
  • Contemplative living in the real world
  • The Inner Life and the Spiritual Journey
  • Any issue of relevance to the client for which
    coaching seems appropriate


There is a place within each of us, a place of quiet, peace, calm and wisdom, that knows exactly who we are and exactly what we are here to do in this world.  When we can access that place of knowing, our lives become true, creative and original works of art rather than re-runs of the same old patterns of re-action.  My deep passion is helping people to experience this for themselves and then, from that place of knowing, create and live the lives they were born to live.  In other words, creating and living a life from the inside out. 

“Your life situation is not your life… Nothing out there will ever satisfy you except temporarily and superficially.” 

– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Starting with trying to change the external events of our life situation is, of course, one way to go.  But in my experience, if we connect with our own inner truth, the exact ways in which the outer needs to change become clear and natural instead of confused and forced.  When we begin with the inside, we come to know that our life and our circumstances are not the same thing and we claim for ourselves the real possibility of true peace and joy no matter what the outer circumstances are.  The irony is that, of course, as we become more deeply joyful and peaceful, more fully  alive, our outer circumstances begin to shift as well, almost effortlessly.  I see my job as coach as helping my clients work from the inside out toward creating a life that is True for them.

“Don’t worry about what the world wants from you, worry about what makes you come more alive.  Because what the world really needs is people who are more alive.”  

~ Howard Thurman

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