Spiritual Direction & Inner-Life Guidance

photo-1416949929422-a1d9c8fe84af I am flat out in love with the inner life, or the life of the soul, and with the Sophia Perennis (the Perennial Wisdom) – the universal truths we find burning in the center of the heart of all the world’s spiritual traditions, illuminating the paths of seekers everywhere and throughout time.    I am an Anam Cara, a friend of the Soul. As a trained Spiritual Director with an InterSpiritual perspective,  I companion people from all faith traditions, or none, who seek to cultivate a deeper inner life.  In safe, sacred space, I facilitate  the in-reaching that can lead to an expanded awareness of the Self, the Divine, Source, Ultimate Reality, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty – the One by any name or the unnameable – residing in the very core of our own being and manifesting through all creationModern technology (think phones and Skype!) allows me to work outside of the box – with people anywhere in the world, and this has been a great delight!  In the inner cave of the open, listening heart, there is no separation, and physical location is just a technicality that requires us each to keep our time zones straight! This knowing has grown more and more real to me as I have worked with people at a distance for many years. It is amazing how much love can grow between two hearts/souls who have never sat face to face!

For more information about my Spiritual Direction Practice, please see  http://www.janetquinnsoulfriend.com/

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